Yellow Snake Plant – What to Do If Your Snake Plant Starts Turning Yellow

A yellow snake plant is not a good sign and you should try to figure out what’s going wrong with the plant as soon as possible. There are several potential problems that could cause the yellowing of a snake plant.


The first thing that you should do if your snake plant starts turning yellow is to water it properly. You need to water the plant until the potting soil is saturated but not soggy. Then let the potting soil dry out before you water again. This will help prevent overwatering and the buildup of salts in the potting soil.

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While snake plants are known for being hardy houseplants that can survive in a range of lighting conditions, they thrive in bright indirect sunlight. When they are kept in dim areas, they can start to lose their color and turn yellow. To fix this problem, move the plant to a different spot in your home that gets more indirect sunlight.


If you have been over-fertilizing your snake plant, it may be starting to show the signs of nutrient deficiency. If this is the case, stop fertilizing the plant and let the soil completely dry out before you water it again.

Root rot

One of the most serious problems that can cause your snake plant to turn yellow is root rot. To check for this, gently remove the plant from the pot and examine the roots. If they are mushy or black in color this is a clear indication of root rot and you should repot the plant right away using fresh potting soil.