The Real.World Andrew Tate Review

the realworld andrew tate

The real. World Andrew Tate is an online educational platform that teaches users how to make money online. It also teaches them how to invest their earnings into building wealth. It is run by a team of “professors” who teach students skills that they can apply to their lives and careers. It’s been accused of being a pyramid scheme and encouraging misogyny.

It was created by Andrew Tate who is a mixed martial artist and self-proclaimed social media influencer. He has a number of YouTube videos that have been criticised for being misogynistic. He was also arrested in Romania for sex trafficking. He has also been accused of running a webcam business in which women would be paid to chat with customers. Tate has denied all accusations and he has been banned from multiple social media platforms. He has also lost his payment processors.

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Apple has pulled the app after complaints that it encourages misogyny and could be an illegal pyramid scheme. It was originally named Hustler’s University but has since changed its name to The Real World Portal. It aims to help people earn thousands of pounds by teaching them how to make money online.

The app has been criticized for its reliance on affiliate marketing, which involves members aggressively promoting the site and its content by flooding Tiktok, Instagram Reels and YouTube with repurposed Tate video content, along with a unique sign-up link. In return, they get 48 per cent of sales commission from any new members who join through their links. Some of its supporters have complained that they are struggling to pay their medical bills or rent. Others have reported feelings of desperation and hopelessness.