Powertune 4×4 & Car Service Centre

Located in the heart of Ipswich at 26 Turley Street, powertune 4×4 & car service centre has been established for over 50 years and is owned by a local family. The workshop has a focus on dyno tuning, race engines, car servicing and general mechanical repairs.

We provide the latest in car tuning mackay equipment and have an extensive range of parts. We can also carry out 4WD / Car / light commercial vehicle repairs including ADAS Radar & Camera Calibration. We offer a wide range of services, from routine maintenance to full engine rebuilds, transmission rebuilds, ADAS calibration and suspension tuning.

The Power Tune Performance Module makes small adjustments to your vehicle’s fuel delivery and ignition timing, increasing power output. It also sharpens throttle response and transmission shifts, further improving overall performance. The Power Tune Module is a plug-and-play system that requires no manual adjustment or selecting modes.

Tuning Up in Mackay: Exploring Car Performance Enhancement Services

Powertune’s Digital Dash allows you to display real-time ECU data on a full colour LCD screen. Easily set up the layout of your gauges to suit your preference; select from many different gauge types, sizes and colours. You can even show multiple dashes at once to create a race-style gauge cluster.

It takes more than a powerful engine to give a truck eyeball-flattening acceleration and high top speed; gearing is critical. Slayer Pro 4X4 has custom transmission ratios that are perfectly tuned for the short-course wheels and tires, giving it a quick blast off the line and all the full-throttle speed you can handle.