Carport Garage Door

carport garage door

A carport garage door is one way to add more usable storage space and protection from the elements. A metal building company can offer a range of colors and height options to match existing structures on your property. Ask about accessories like service doors and windows, too.

Before beginning work on a conversion, consult your local government to determine whether you will need any permits or must comply with setback requirements or size limitations. Also, ensure the beams of your current carport can support the weight of walls and a garage door. If they are not, the beams may need to be reinforced by a structural engineer.

Enhance Your Home’s Security with a High-Quality Carport Roller Door

In most cases, converting your carport into a garage will cost less than a new construction project, especially if the existing slab, supports and roof are in good condition. However, costs will still vary depending on the exact materials and finishes you select. Framing lumber, siding materials, windows, garage doors and entry doors, plus electrical service upgrades and permits, can total from $18,000 to $35,000 for a professional installation.

Adding a steel garage door to your existing carport will provide added security and protect your vehicle from weather and debris. Choose a model with steel rollers that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Danmar’s Perfalite garage doors are available in 18% or 42% perforation and can be matched with the frame color of your choice. Or, opt for an insulated garage door with Clearlite acrylic panels, which allow natural light to enter.