Cannabis Home Delivery in Surrey, BC

The city of Surrey, BC has some strict rules about smoking and consumption. The province has made it illegal to smoke marijuana in public places such as schools and libraries, as well as on trains and boats. However, cannabis consumption is legal in private residences. It is also legal to possess up to 30 grams of marijuana at any time. There are many different strains to choose from and weed prices vary depending on the supplier, location, and size of the package.

Green Dreams in Surrey: A Guide to Cannabis Culture and Dispensaries

The provincial government has launched a new program called Weed Surrey Home Delivery, where residents can order weed online and have it delivered directly to their homes. This is ideal for people who are too busy to leave their houses, or those with medical issues that make it difficult to go out and shop.

Surrey’s new mayor, Brenda Locke, supports the concept and has asked staff to work on a plan to allow cannabis retail stores in the city, which is the second-largest municipality in the Lower Mainland. A previous council voted against the idea, but the majority of current councillors support it.

Gosal says that removing barriers for licensed retailers would help stamp out access to black market sales and redirect some of the revenue back into local businesses and services. He adds that allowing storefronts would benefit consumers by offering more variety and reducing the need to call dealers. He calls on the federal government to align tax policies with cannabis industry needs, and to address issues such as Canada’s high excise taxes and 20% vape tax.